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Referral plan

If you have a friend who has stayed in your country with the desire to come to fulfil their dreams as you are doing right now, or if they're already here in Australia and want to renew their visa, you just have to leave us their information and we will contact them.

How does our referral plan work?

Step 1

Leave us your referral data, the more much better.

Step 2

We will contact your referral as soon as possible.

Step 3

Your referral chooses the plan you wish to make with us.

Step 4

If your referral starts their experience with us, congratulations, the commission is for you!

Terms and Conditions

The Educonnecting Referral Program aims to promote the agency and the services offered and to contribute with a remuneration incentive to the people who referral the agency for some person.

To be able to enjoy the Educonnecting Referral Program, the following conditions must be met:


  • Any person can Referral a student to Educonnecting, even if they're not our current student.
  • This program apply only for new extensions with educational proposes.
  • The REFERRER can submit REFERENCEES without limit.


  • The person who was referred by someone and enrolls in one of our educational programs (all of them: English, Vocational and/or Higher Education program) will be understood as an effective referral,
  • This person must not been previously referred by another person,
  • It will be understood as a referral, the student who has not attended before to any educational program with EDUCONNECTING or Partner Agency,
  • The REFERRED can be presented only once,
  • The Educonnecting Referral Program does not apply for re-enrollment / recurring client.


For participating on the Educonnecting Referral Program, if it is the first time:

  • The referrer must register for our programme either through our online form or directly at our offices, and provide us with the necessary contact details for the referral.
  • One of our Counselors will schedule a virtual or face-to-face appointment with the referred person to give them all the advice on the educational process and extension. This person must enroll in one of our Programs (which means to pay and get the CoE), so it will be considered as an effective reference.
  • After the student pays and get the CoE, Educonnecting will send an email to the referrer telling them that the process of their referral has been successful. After receiving this email, the referrer must provide us with the invoice for payment.
  • The payment will be made in two weeks (10 business days),
  • In the event that the REFERRAL withdraws from the course / cancels visa / or changes the agency within the purchase process, the REFERENT will lose the benefit that had been granted,
  • The REFERENT at the time of registering and submitting your REFERENCES accepts the conditions stipulated here,
  • If the same REFERENCE is presented by two or more REFERENTS, the incentive will be delivered to the REFERENT student who presented it first, as long as it complies with the above rules,
  • The referral plan will be valid until Friday, July 29, 2022
  • EDUCONNECTING reserves the right to eliminate the referral plan without prior notice.


  • The person who referral someone and follow the rules above, will earn per person reffered:
    • 1st referral: AUD 60.00
    • 2nd referral: AUD 60.00
    • 3rd referral: AUD 60.00
    • 4rd referral: AUD 60.00
    • 5th referral: AUD 80.00
    • 6th referral: AUD 80.00
    • 7th referral: AUD 80.00
    • 8th referral: AUD 100.00
    • 9th referral: AUD 100.00
    • 10th referral: AUD 150.00
    • Up to 11: AUD 150.00
  • The referral has to provide Educonnectingan Invoice with the proper amount; with the details of the student he/she has referred. The invoice template will be provided by Educonnecting,
  • The invoice must be sent until Thursday in a week and the payment will be done in 2 weeks (10 business days).

Refer a friend and get many benefits!

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