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Vancouver is a major city that offers you the beauty of nature together with the comforts of a modern and technological place. Here you can study to learn English or French, to take a specialized course or even a postgraduate degree.

In addition, this city will offer you adventures to fill you with adrenaline, there are very popular options for certain sports or recreational activities such as lanzarse en tirolesa desde la Grouse Mountainexplore nature and the mountains from floating bridge carousels in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park or observe the beauty of the entire city in a chairlift on the Sea to Sky Gondola.

What is life like in Vancouver?

You will surely find that many everyday things have a different way of being. For example, people who travel to this city comment that the rain has a different smell because of the trees, and the cedar, oak and maple trees (where the maple comes from) influence the environment and end up being a very pleasant and refreshing smell.

Another distinctive feature of life in Vancouver is that for 28 kilometers it is surrounded by the sea, where there is a road that runs right along this part. If you have ever dreamed of that image in the movies where you can go at sunset or sunrise with this view of the sea, here you can experience it in all its splendor. This road is also passable on foot or by bicycle, so you have no excuse to live this experience.

As an extra point, keep in mind that this city is very close to Whistler

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