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Jobs based on your English level

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Jobs based on your English level


Working in Australia is easier than you can believe, but it does not mean that it does not require your previous research since for many jobs it is likely that you will require an increasingly advanced level of English and while you master the language you will be able to see how your salary It is gradually increasing. We already gave you the jobs with which you can earn more money in Australia, but now we want to give you the jobs for your current English level.

Beginner English Level:

For these jobs you do not need to interact much with customers and you should not talk much, so you will not have problems doing your work.

  • 1. Removals: this is a completely physical job and sometimes it can be a bit hard, but when you win $ 20-$ 25 AUD it is a great option if you don't speak English.

  • 2. Flyer Delivery: If you don't speak English, this is a perfect opportunity to build your courage when you have a customer in front. The work is explained only, you will have to distribute the advertising of the stores or companies either face to face with the client or simply leaving it in the mailboxes of the people. Usually, your salary will be based on how many deliveries. 

  • 3. leaner: another job where you will earn good money while you are learning to speak English. Everything is based on cleaning from houses to parts of shopping centers. You will earn around $ 20 -25 AUD per hour and its flexible schedules will help make studying very simple.

  • 4. Dish cleaner: With this job you will usually be in restaurants or hotels, many people start in this position before being promoted as it usually works in restaurants and you will earn the Australian minimum wage that is between $ 17 -18 AUD per hour.

  • 5. Food Distribution: One of the most popular jobs for students as it gives you the flexibility of time to study and enjoy Australia while at the same time exercising if you decide to go by bike. The salary changes for each person because it depends on the addresses you make and the time you invest, but it is usually good to live.

Basic English Level:

The time has come, you learned to use the language and you feel comfortable talking to strangers, you're going to start seeing your customers in the face and communicate what they need.

  • 6. Work Works: This is one of the best paid jobs in Australia when you are studying, it will consist of doing physical work, but you will basically need to use the language to know how to do it correctly. Salaries are between $ 25 -30 $ per hour.

  • 7. Kitchen Assistant: In this job you can start a job with restaurants and you have the facility that you can easily promote positions with as you see your work and level of English. In this job you will not be dealing with clients and it will be for a salary of $ 18 -20 AUD per hour. 

  • 8. Runner: In the restaurants you will find people who simply take the dishes from the kitchen to the tables, in addition to having to clean and fix the tables. You will only find these jobs in large restaurants where speed is needed, but what you can take advantage of is that because you will be working close to the customers you will improve your English.

  • 9. Barista: If you decide to be a barista you will have the opportunity to be able to secure work in many places in Australia due to the high demand for coffee. This is one of the best paid jobs and even if you have to get a certificate or take a course, it will be worth it since you will be earning between $ 25- $ 30 per hour.

  • 10. Au-Pair: In this case you will work with children, everything is to be your babysitter and do housework for part time while parents work. Here you do not need an excellent level of English but something basic to make you understand with parents and children. You should always talk to the family you work for to ensure that the schedules are adequate so that you can also study and usually this work is well paid.

Advanced English level:

You are confident that your level of English is good, you can understand people perfectly and they understand you without any difficulty. This will help you get jobs with good salaries and better tips when it comes to customers.

  • 11. I work in your field. If you already had previous experience as in your field you can try to apply for jobs that have to do with your career, for example, legal consultant or community manager, even if you have other skills you can offer graphic design. These are good positions and also help to direct your career.

  • 12. Retail: are you a fashion lover? You may like this job, you will be in the clothing stores and your job will be to fix the store while also serving customers when they are looking for something specific. When you enter this field you can be promoted if you are dedicated so that in a short time you could become a cashier and in the future even store supervisor. You will earn between $ 18 -25 AUD per hour. 

  • 13. Waiter: As you have an advanced level of English you will not have any problem in taking the orders of the clients and if you do a good job you can earn some good tips in addition to the salary that is between $ 18 -27 $ per hour.

  • 14. Barman: This is very similar to the previous work, the big difference is the schedules, which can be paid differently, and also that you must obtain a certificate to handle alcoholic beverages.

These are the 14 jobs in Australia according to your level of English and for many you will need a few certificates to start so just ask us or check our article to help you get the perfect job as a student.

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