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Malta's capital, Valletta, has incredible places to see within the city, as well as strong cultural attractions, so much so that it was named in 2018 as the cultural city of Europe. This city is intriguing and has a very different colors, architecture and vibe than many other destinations. Starting because it is a city where its first buildings were built in stones and, despite the necessary remodeling over time, it maintains in many places a baroque architecture.

It also has a color like clay in many buildings, this contrasts nicely with colorful doors and windows, which give it a refreshing and beautiful touch for any postcard or Instagram photo you want to share and save among digital souvenirs.

What is it like to study in Valletta?

This city tends to be highly promoted for learning English, since it is the official language and the cost of living is lower than other major European cities (London, Galway, Liverpool, etc.), but you can also take many professional courses according to your area of interest. You can even have an excellent balance between life and studies (and even work) due to the lively and relaxed pace of life in Valletta.

In addition, Valletta enjoys a generally warm climate, with hot summers (28°C average) and mild winters (15°C average). Its many activities make it perfect for a wide range of socializing activities, as well as spectacular museums, gardens and theaters (including the oldest active theater in Europe, the Manoel Theater).

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