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One of the most interesting natural attractions can be found at Blue Grotto. While this place in itself is already beautiful for its composition of caverns, large cliffs, the unique color of the water and the shapes of the shadows that are cast on the rocks and all the forms they generate, there are several phenomena that happen there: from fluorescent life under the sea to the reflection of the colors of the water on the ceilings of the caverns of the place.

In addition, some very popular activities are boating in the bays of Blue Grotto or very close to its shores. It has also become popular to rappel with authorized tourism agents or to go scuba diving or snorkeling in certain designated areas, always being careful with the designated areas for boats.

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This place is located in the southern part of the southern island of Malta, and is very close to the village of Wied iz-Zurrieq. You can take a bus from Valletta that leaves you in the village, from where you can take a boat or a boat. It is an excellent plan that you can do with the friends that you make while you are studying and thus improve the bonds of friendship with them.

You can also take boat trips through the caves where you will have another perspective of this place, you can take thousands of pictures, marvel at the rock formations and the color of the water, where in certain parts you can surely dive and enjoy the sun and relax on the weekend or during your study vacation in Blue Grotto, Malta.

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