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Broome is a city that hides red sand beaches and crystal clear sea, dinosaur footprints that have been discovered in paleontological excavations, bridges between mangroves, but not only its forte are these beautiful natural attractions, but also unique activities related to pearls, whales, fishing and much more.

Broome is located in the north of Australia, specifically north of Perth in the Kimberly region. Due to its coastal location and the particularity of its climate and geography, it offers very particular scenarios and very characterized by the red color of its sands or its rock formations. To see them are beaches like Reddell Beach (this place is becoming more and more famous due to the contrasts of color that is generated between the sea and the sand that also remains soft, but with a color very different from the usual) or rocky viewpoints as Gantheaume Point. This last place is in turn where the most recognized dinosaur footprints of the planet are found, since they have an extension of up to 80 kilometers and correspond to more than 120 different types of footprints of tetropods, sauropods, both carnivorous and herbivorous, a whole experience full of history.

Pearls in Broome

It is very likely that if you have heard or read about Broome, you have found the word "pearl" associated with it, this is because due to the sea conditions in this part of the island, there are many conditions for the largest pearls in the world to be born and also of the highest quality. Even, if you are interested in going to a pearl farm, we recommend you Willie Creek or Cygnet Bay as a couple of famous spots, although you can even learn from their history at the Pearl Luggers Museum.

Another world famous attraction of Broome is whale watching, especially the humpback whale, which can measure up to 16 meters and usually comes to the waters of Broome for the process of giving birth. This phenomenon does not happen all year round, but only between July and September, so if you plan to do this activity we recommend you to do it between these dates and always look for guides or authorized tours of the city that do it in a responsible way.

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