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The history of this place begins in 1988 when director Peter Jackson looks at the Alexander Farm as the ideal place to start filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand. After disassembling all the sets at the end of the last film, a few years later they shot the trilogy of The Hobbit by the time the shooting of the last film ended, reaching an agreement with the production company whereby the Alexander family could keep the set intact. filming and turn it into one of the country's tourist attractions.

The visit to the filming set is always carried out with a guide in English, although they give you a brochure in Spanish, and it is highly recommended to reserve the ticket in advance, to avoid running out of place, something that happens regularly in summer and spring or fall.

Durante el tour de unas dos horas podrás ver la mayoría de casas de los hobbits, incluida la de Bilbo Bolsón además de conocer muchas de las curiosidades de la película y su filmación antes de terminar la visita en la posada de El Dragón Verde.

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