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Must-see places in Australia

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Must-see places in Australia

When you arrive in a new country, sometimes it can be an overwhelming all the things you have to see in the short time you are visiting, but when you are studying and working in Australia, with Educonnecting, you have all the time in the world to really enjoy this country.

For this reason, we do not want you to go to Australia without a plan and we have decided to give you a list of sites that you cannot miss while you fall more and more in love with the country.

For the adventurous:

The excitement may be closer than you think, so we want to recommend the best place to live a full day of adrenaline and breathtaking views: Blue Mountains National Park.

Blue Mountains National Park

Just a couple of hours from Sydney, you will find this unique landscape where you can go hiking, rock climbing, rappelling and, if you would like to take it one more extreme step, you can take your bike and travel its fun roads already designed to live the best experience.

For Insta-Lovers:

For every lover of photos and social networks, you cannot miss his capture of the Uluru-kata Tjuta National Park. A magical place for any traveler where a desert can leave you excited and will make you the envy of everyone.

Parque Nacional Uluru-kata tjuta

You can take a walk around the big rock, this takes around 3.5 hours or you can simply take your photos and have an unforgettable dinner watching the pink skies at sunset, whatever you do, this is the favorite place to win likes on Instagram.

For the artists:

We definitely have to recommend an entire city, Melbourne, to everyone who enjoys art. Here, just walking the streets will inspire you to create due to the importance that has been given to urban art.


Not only will you be able to enjoy pieces by local artists, but you will be able to see (whenever you want) the mural of Keith Haring or that of Everfresh, which are recognized worldwide.

If you bet on walking through the city, we recommend Hosier Lane, this is the perfect place for every artist to find all the materials to make their pieces while appreciating the large amount of graffiti that decorates the street.

For all:

If you go to Australia you may see all the cities, monuments and people, but if you do not know the Sydney Opera House Were you really in Australia?

Sydney Opera House

With more than 1,500 works a year, this is the place where most tourists want to take a picture and it is not by chance since it is exactly the flagship site of the country and its boat shape will make Australia an iconic place in a memory

With these 4 places, you can see that Australia is for every type of person and you will never feel left out. So what does it take to study here? Just write us an email so you can start living the world you deserve.

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