We love that you make the most out of the process, and that is why here in Educonnecting we'll accompany you at every stage so that you enjoy it to the fullest.

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About us

We are a WOW! organization in every process and service from top to bottom,
giving our customers the best experience in Australia and Malta...

and now in our new destinations, Canada and New Zealand!

Launch Educonnecting Brand / Office Sydney
We opened our first office in Sydney to help many students fulfill their dreams of living, studying and working in Australia.

Opening of the Brisbane Office - 1st Semester-
We expanded!
More and more students fulfilled their dreams of studying in Australia with us.

Opening of the Melbourne Office - 2nd Semester -
We saw the opportunity to grow and enter a new market. Hello Melbourne!

Colombia Operation
We took a big step in one of our clear objectives: position ourselves in the Colombian market for our Latino students. Our office in Colombia has been growing and we have consolidated a strong team.

Gold Coast Opening -1st Semester-
We kept growing, and our students asked us to be closer to them at different locations. We opened our office in one of Australia's most popular spots, Gold Coast!

Weekly Workshops -2nd Semester-
Work is a fundamental part of the experience in Australia. That is why we began helping all of our students to receive training for free.

Arrived to Mexico
We arrived in Central America with strength. Looking forward to helping Mexican students live their adventure in Australia, from cities such as Mexico City, San Luis Potosí, Oaxaca, Querétaro, and Monterrey.

Contact Center Creation
Our service does not end with the sale.
We constantly communicate with our students during their adventure, to be able to advise them every step of the way.

«Somos una agencia joven donde es primordial entender a cada uno de nuestros estudiantes en cada una de sus dimensiones tanto profesionales como personales para no solamente brindarles la mejor asesoría sino hacerlos sentir siempre como en casa.»

Jorge Gomez, Educonnecting CEO.


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