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What are the Top courses in Australia?

Many VET courses allow you to apply for a full time work visa and also lead to a permanent visa.

Do you want to see results in your professional development?

Choose a course that is within your professional area, so that you can practice your profession in Australia.

Get a permanent residency or apply for a Temporary Graduated Visa after finishing your studies when you study

Social Work

Trade Courses
Commercial Cookery

VET courses that lead to a Work Visa in Australia

80% of international students can apply for a graduate visa after finishing their studies.

Many vocational courses are in high demand and allow you to build your pathway to residency in Australia.

Apply to a course from AUD 4,000 a year and get ready to enter the Australian world of work.

*Conditions apply depending on the profile

Bachelor and Master Higher Education Courses

Apply for a scholarship of up to 35% to study at one of the best universities in Australia.

If you save 350 AUD per week you will have the option of applying for a higher education program at a recognised University.

Apply to a two-year graduate visa, this visa gives you the possibility to work full time in Australia.

Study in a regional area

International students are 95% more likely to obtain regional residency due to the incentives these states provide.

If you study in a regional area, you can apply for a 3-year graduate visa.

The cost of living in a regional area is 40% less than the lifestyle in a city like Sydney.

Advantages of studying something that really contributes to your future

Excellent salaries

You will have permission to work full time. You will be able to access a contract job with a good remuneration.

Personal and professional growth

You will be able to work with people from other countries and practice your profession.

Permanent Residence

Build a path to Australian residence.


You will get 5 extra points in your immigration process. In addition, international students like you who live in a Regional Area for two years may request a visa extension of one or two more years.

It really is an incredible opportunity!

Frequently asked questions

If you are still not clear about the benefits of studying in a Regional area, this can help you:

What is a Regional Area?

A Regional Area is a specific geographical area within the Australian territory, which the Government has decided to promote so that more people decide to live there.
In these regional areas, they need more citizens since most people are concentrated in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.
This means that there are more job opportunities and the cost of living is cheaper.

What are the advantages of studying in an Australian Regional Area?

If you decide to study in a Regional Area it will be the best decision you can make since these places will offer you many advantages:

The cost of living is cheaper
By choosing to live in a Regional Area, you will have a better quality of life, since, with less population, the houses will be cheaper. Besides, competition and demand are lower, which greatly benefits your pocket.

Salaries are maintained
The salary is the same as in the largest cities, the advantage you have is that you can find a job in your profession easier since fewer people are competing for the same job, as the workforce is limited.
The cost of living will allow you to save more!

Lead a more relaxed lifestyle
In these areas, you can forget about the rush and constant stress that big cities usually have. Here everything flows more calmly, the lifestyle that you can lead will be like a dream.

Total immersion with the locals
The Government is promoting its different Regional Areas, precisely because they are places very little known by international students since they generally choose the large and most popular cities.
By choosing to study in a Regional Area you will be able to relate much more to local life, thus increasing your English language skills. Your neighbours, co-workers and most of the people you interact with will be 100% Australian, so you will learn everything faster.

Add 5 extra points to your immigration process
When studying a Diploma for two years, you receive 5 points for your immigration process. That's not all, if you decide to study in a Regional Area you will get another 5 extra points, with which you will be one step closer to requesting your permanent residence.

What are the Regional Areas in Australia?

Australia has the following Regional Areas:

  • Perth
  • Gold Coast
  • Adelaide
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Newcastle/ Lake Macquarie
  • Wollongong /Illawarra
  • Geelong
  • Hobart
  • Camberra
What are the incentives by category areas?

Regional Australia is made up of 3 categories and offers regional incentives for people migrating to locations classified as Category 2 "Cities and major regional centres" or Category 3 "Regional centres and other regional areas".
Category 1: They are the "main cities" Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, these do not receive any regional incentives.
Category 2: Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle / Lake Macquarie, Wollongong / Illawarra, Geelong and Hobart
Category 3: “Regional centres and other regional areas”.

Incentives according to the categories:
Category 2:

  • Priority processing of regional visas
  • Access to regional occupations list: More jobs compared to non-regional lists.
  • International graduates with a Bachelor's degree or higher qualification from a regional campus of a registered institution will be eligible to apply for an additional year in Australia on a post-study work visa.

Category 3:

  • They will have access to the 11,200 dedicated regional venues
  • Priority processing of regional visas and the List of Regional Occupations.
  • Additional incentives include:
  • International graduates with a Bachelor's degree or higher qualification from a regional campus of a registered institution will be eligible for an additional 2 years in Australia on a post-study work visa.
  • Priority in negotiating specifically designated area migration agreements (DAMA) in the region. By studying in a regional area, after finishing your studies you can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa.

Why choose Educonnecting?

At Educonnecting we think about your future, we show you the best study options regarding your professional goals in Australia:

1. We show you a wide variety of academic programs (technical, professional and master courses) with which you can apply for a full time work visa.

2. We tell you about the immigration benefits that the Government offers you as an international student.

3. We guide you to get on the path to permanent residence in Australia.


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