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Tips y recomendaciones para tener trabajo en Australia

Dentro del mercado laboral siempre hay constantes cambios y más ahora con la presente situación por el COVID-19, razón por la cual, el Gobierno australiano apoya a las empresas y a los ciudadanos para tener trabajo en Australia a través de la Plataforma de Jobs Hub.

While many companies have been negatively affected and are reducing their workforce, there are some areas of the economy that have a higher demand for workers.

Sectors such as health, care, transport and logistics are the ones most in need of personnel. Due to the coronavirus, many companies urgently require workers.

To start the job search on the Jobs Hub Platform, click hereOn this portal you will find links to:

Employers with multiple job opportunities 

In this section, you will find links to organizations that are currently recruiting. You can filter the list by your location. 

Every day you will be able to find the updated list with new opportunities.

Australian Government Jobs

In this section, you will find a job list for state and federal government vacancies.

In order for you to carry out a good job search, it is important to keep in mind:

Investigate your employers:

Some currently available job openings may be different from the positions you've worked for. The good news is that many of the same skills and attributes that you have used in previous jobs are directly applicable to others.

By researching the employers you want to work with, you can find out if your skills meet the requirements they need. Start by researching their website, then their social media and if you can, talking to people who have already worked there

  • Adjust your resume and your Cover Letter according to what you researched from the employer you want to work for. 
  • Make sure to use the employer keywords so that your application is not rejected by its detection software. This software examines all applications and automatically rejects those that do not meet the minimum requirements.

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