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Free virtual courses that you can take during these times

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Although the situation of COVID-19 forces many of us to stay at home, this can become stressful for some, so here we bring you a list of free virtual courses that you can take during these times.

Compliance with social distancing makes you responsible to yourself and your community, since you protect the most vulnerable population, such as the elderly and people with complex diseases.

Thanks to the internet you can easily find this series of virtual courses: 

Learn digital with Google

If you want to acquire skills or reinforce those that you already have, the courses that Google offers are very interesting, and the best of all, they’re completely free. On this platform you can become an expert in the digital world, as you will find courses such as Professional Development, Digital Marketing and Data and technology courses.  

You will be able to obtain a certification corresponding to the achievements, so you will make your CV more attractive.

Start right now!


Crehana these days is opening free courses for you, so you can take one of your interest. You should keep in mind that these courses will only be available 24 hours, so if you can finish it and upload your final project during that time range, you can get certified. Otherwise, you would have to pay to continue it.

Do you think you can do it?


To help counter the impact of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) on students, the Coursera community has offered to help universities and colleges deliver online courses. On this platform you can find more than 3,800 courses with more than 400 different specializations and the best, totally free. 

Online Barista Training

If you want to develop your skills as a barista, you can train by following this YouTube channel, so you can become an expert making the best coffees in Australia. 

English course

If your concern is to be able to practice your English, with this app you will be able to learn this language in an easy and fun way.

This course is organized at different levels where you can study from the basic concepts of English to the most advanced. All English grammar is structured in a simple way with examples and audio for easy understanding!

There you can perform exercises and activities related to the lessons learned to assess your knowledge.

The best thing about this app is that it has a chat where you can talk to other students of the course, receive help from teachers and why not, also help other members.

¡Download the app today and start practicing your English in a fun way!

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