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Bachelor of Event Management

Bachelor of Event Management

Gerencia de Eventos

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En la Gerencia de Eventos se aplica habilidades de gestión de proyectos para la planificación y el desarrollo de estos eventos.

Event managers are creative people who use brilliant multitasking skills and people skills to make things happen.

You will learn how to bring ideas to life, dedicating time to create themes and formats, and collaborating with clients to make sure that their expectations of a perfect event match your abilities.


The Bachelor of Event Management course will teach you about marketing and public relations, and will allow you to acquire knowledge about event policy, strategy, logistics and risks, consumer behavior, applied finance and business law. The degree includes obtaining industry skills in project management, strategy and events, and it gives you the option to specialize in hospitality, tourism, marketing, public relations and advertising.


Students will graduate with valuable work experience, an integrated professional network and a serious competitive advantage to easily transition from University into the workforce.




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