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por que estudiar en nueva zelanda

11 reasons why to study in New Zealand

Have you ever wondered why study in New Zealand? If you travel to this amazing country you will find the opportunity to study in New Zealand. This country has a good quality of life and a stable economic solvency.

Thanks to its educational system, thousands of students from all over the world come to improve and study English, as it is organized on the basis of the prestigious British system, so the academic degrees awarded are internationally recognized.

Why study in New Zealand:

1. Respect:

The New Zealand society is very egalitarian, since it is characterized by respecting the laws. Any person arriving in the country will be welcome and you will not have to go through any kind of discrimination. 

2. Quality of Life

According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the estimated life expectancy is 82 years, higher than the world average of 80 years. The employment rate is 77%, thus having a balance between work and leisure time.

3. Zero corruption

It is considered one of the countries with the lowest rate of corruption and its environment is very peaceful. Social security, health care and education in New Zealand are excellent. Always thinking about improving the quality of life of each of its inhabitants. In addition, its policemen do not carry firearms, because life there is too peaceful.

4. Foundation Courses:

These are preparation courses for students before entering university in New Zealand. Some of these are designed for foreign students who do not speak English. This is to help them with the undergraduate experience in the country.

5. Its climate:

What better way to explore each of the seasons! Unlike the northern hemisphere, this one is the opposite. January is in the middle of summer and July is the coldest time of the year. The weather is truly perfect for an adventure.

6. A country that opens its doors to entrepreneurs:

New Zealand is considered one of the top five most business-friendly countries in the world. If you are a natural entrepreneur and plan to work there, this is your chance. By creating an innovative company you can get several grants from government agencies.

Academic variety:

In New Zealand, there is a wide variety of courses and academic programs that you can take. There you will find 8 universities, 20 polytechnics and institutes of technology. More than 700 private training establishments and 40 industry training organizations. Add to this a wide range of English courses and vocational certifications, and all you need to do is make up your mind!

8. Universities in New Zealand:

Their universities specialize in a different field. So you have to choose a university that fits your interests. You are guaranteed that the best professors in the country will be there for you.

9. Are there scholarships to study in New Zealand?

The New Zealand Government offers scholarships for different countries. This includes the cost of tuition, living expenses, airfare and administrative costs, such as the student visa.

It is a study funding program designed to support future leaders. In key sectors for sustainability, such as climate change, food security, renewable energy and governance.

10. Why study English in New Zealand?

Among the most popular options for students are English courses. You can take internationally recognized exams. The latter are focused on obtaining certificates such as Cambridge (First, Advanced and Proficiency), TOEFL and IELTS.

11. Study and work in New Zealand:

There are several programs run by the Government to welcome foreign students who wish to study and work in New Zealand.

Education, work, quality of life, tourism, the perfect formula to live one of the greatest adventures. If you want to achieve the success and goals you have set for yourself, this is your opportunity. Educonnecting, thinking about your future, has a series of programs to which you can apply. We will accompany you in the academic process you choose. Contact us to give you all the information you need.

Come and study in New Zealand!