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te encuentras buscando trabajo

Are you looking for a job? get to know these job portals

Si te encuentras en la buscando trabajo, conocer estos portales de empleo, te será de gran ayuda, ya que así podrás abarcar varias opciones laborales y tendrás más oportunidades.

If you are looking for a job, knowing these job portals will be of great help, since this way you can cover various job options and have more opportunities.

You must check the portals where you register your CV every day since they can contact you from there. Besides, you may find a job opportunity right away, so be aware of your means of contact as well.

We hope that your search is effective and you can reach your goal.


In this portal, you can make a profile so you can store all your personal and work data. You will also find courses, which can be useful based on what you're looking for. By entering here: https://www.seek.com.au/learning/ you can find hundreds of providers that offer a large selection of courses, so you can choose according to your interests and abilities, and discover the industry in which you want to work.

This portal will also give you tools to create your cover letter.

If your thing is volunteering and charity, on this portal you can find different applications.

It's definitely a good way to start.


Although it seems simple, it's very useful and practical. Here you can create and publish your profile so that companies become interested in your resume. You can click on the most valued offers, to get an idea of ​​how much you can earn for the vacancy you're applying for.

Indeed It will give you the option to create email alerts based on your profile, to receive notifications of the latest offers so that your CV will be one of the first that the company you applied to will see.


It gives you a great variety of categories, so you can decide which one to apply to. It also has an APP to make it easier for you to find the job you're looking for in and around your local community. Download the application and configure your profile to apply for jobs with just one click.

En este portal también encontrarás compra y venta de vehículos, casas, servicios de alquiler entre otros.


Es un portal con una interfaz simple, en la cual podrás ingresar y aplicar a todas las vacantes que vayan de acuerdo a lo que estás buscando. Recuerda poner los datos que sean más relevantes para que tu CV sea mucho más atractiva para las empresas a las que te postules.

There is also a blog section where you can read interesting articles and a frequently asked questions section, to resolve some concerns you may have.


It's a basic search engine where employers can post their job offers so that people like you, can apply to them. There, you will see a list with the categories that people frequently search for, or you will see a search bar on the homepage, to search directly for the position you want.

It will show the offers available so you can apply to the ones you like the most, once you register. You should know that this platform is characterized by technical jobs (Construction Worker, Electrician, Handyman, Construction Labourer, Maintenance Trades Assistant - Carpenter).

One particular thing that BlueCollar, has is that you can indicate the distance of the location of the job, this will be useful if you want to work close to your home.

Some of these portals are associated, so more registered jobs will appear on other websites.

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