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Get inspired by learning about Australian literature during these times of the coronavirus

Are you bored during this time of social distancing? Don't worry! here we have a series of recommendations for you to entertain by reading. Get inspired by learning about Australian literature during these times of the coronavirus. Reading is a healthy and safe escape where you immerse yourself in new adventures. Furthermore, books help you connect with sources of knowledge and emotions.

If you are in Australia or would be interested in living there, here we have the best recommendations so that you can get to know more about this incredible country. Australian literature is young literature, because before the people of Australia didn't know how to write, therefore their works were promoted orally. They were written only until the 20th century.

1.The Fortunes of Richard Mahony’ – Henry Handel Richardson (1930)

It's a trilogy about the adventures of Richard Mahony, a man of class, who is tormented by mental illness at the time of the Australian gold rush, during the 1950s. If you like novels, you can dive on this 831 pages story. Besides, you will be able to perfect your English, since it's only available in this language.

2. Voss: Patrick White (1957)

Accompanied by the splendid recreation of 19th century wild Australia, Patrick White aims to show you a spiritual journey, which combines the suffering, challenge and limits of human beings, debating between the good and the evil that exists in each one of us.

It tells the story of an expedition into the Australian mainland, led by German John Ulrich Voss, in 1845 (vaguely based on Ludwig Leichhardt's royal expedition).  

In this adventure novel, you will be able to face your own knowledge. You dare to read it!

This book was published in Spanish by the publisher Icaro Ediciones in 2008.

3. The broken shore – Peter Temple (2005)

Peter Temple is one of Australia's most renowned crime novel authors. This book stars a homicide detective named Joe Cashin, who quits his job in Sydney and returns to his hometown to investigate the death of a wealthy man in the area. Find out who the murderer was!

4. The Man Who Loved Children– Christina Stead (1940)

This is a novel that focuses on family life, on the relationship between parents and children. "The man who loved children" is a contemporary classic.

Sam and Henny Pollit have a lot of children, little money and they hate each other. They both try to manipulate their children to make them feel better. This book was published in Spanish by the publisher Pre-texts..

5. True History of the Kelly gang– Peter Carey (2001)

Peter Carey gives life to a mythical Australian bandit named Ned Kelly, who, during the story, shows us a rough and at the same time delicate, violent and moving voice. There he tells us about his life as an orphan, Oedipus, horse Landron, farmer, reformer, bank robber, murderer of three policemen and finally, the Robin Hood of Australia. The Spanish edition is in charge of El Aleph. What better than getting bored learning about Australian literature!

6. Australian Visual Guides - Editorial Aguilar Ocio (2018)

These visual guides are partially graphic, in which you can find abundant photographs of the main monuments and detailed illustrations that replace maps and plans. There you will get to know especially the cultural and visual aspects of Australia.

You will be able to see sections where typical dishes, currencies, recommended hotels and restaurants, among others, are evident. They are guides to recreate the view, ideal for those who have already organized the trip or want to get to know Australia in depth.

7. Mutant Message Down Under- Marlo Morgan (1990)

Marlo Morgan tells you about his adventure by foot through the Australian desert. He's accompanied by aborigines whose laws and customs are very different from his own. Learning was difficult because, throughout this strange journey, he had to despise his old habits and learn different ways of eating, walking and communicating.

Definitely, in this book, you will discover first hand how the first people in Australia used to live.

8. The Great World- David Malouf (1990)

This book is based on historical events of World War II. It tells the story of two Australian soldiers who meet on the Japanese battlefield, became war prisoners and also, became friends, which set the fate of their lives. Friendship, ambition, relations between men and women and family ties are some of the themes that the author develops in this novel.

9. The sacred masks of the Wakahay Island - José Diaz (2013)

This is a story told by José Díaz and Laura Mira, based on a legend about the ocean in Australia. There, you will find ancestral animals, aboriginal tribes, sacred masks and watermen, who have the power to change the world. It is a legend for all of those who love the ocean.

10. The Songlines - Bruce Chatwin (1986) Bruce Chatwin (1986)

Possibly this is one of the most recognized books in Australia. There, the writer Bruce Chatwin chronicles his journey, a personal story with touches of fiction and adventure accompanied by magical characters that will make you excited. "The songlines" is considered at the same time, a travel book, a novel and a collection of aphorisms.  

You can buy the books online through your trusted bookstore. Some of these are also free online.

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