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La búsqueda de trabajos casuales

Find out how easily you can start searching for casual jobs

During these times we want you to know that you are not alone, if you have uncertainty when starting the search for casual jobs, these types of portals will be a great alternative for you to perform some work. You can be a pet sitter, house cleaner, among other trades. We hope these tools are of great help to you! This is how easy you can start the search for casual jobs:


If you are an animal lover, this job portal is designed especially for you. PetCloud is a trusted community for pet owners to easily search, connect and book verified and insured pet care services across Australia, from any device connected to the Internet. It's a safe, convenient, and affordable way to make sure your best friend is in a loving home while you're away.

This is the easiest way for you to earn money.

You can take care of animals of all kinds, domestic or farm animals. The users may need you to take care of them in the morning or at night, for a day, a week, a month or more.

These are the jobs you can apply and the approximate wages for each:

La búsqueda de trabajos casuales

Nanny at home: You will have to go to take care of the pet at its house and the wage is around $25 AUD.

Pet Grooming / Pet Boarding / Dog Boarding / Dog Grooming: This means that for a certain time while the owner is away, you will have to feed, walk, and take care of their pet friend. This would be like a second home for them.

The wage is around $ 25AUD - $ 50AUD per night

Daycare: It means that a dog spends all day at your house while its owner is outside. Depending on the arrangement, you'd pick up the dog or the owner may take it to your home or the specific daycare location.

Price starting at $ 25AUD.

24-hour supervision: This service is for pets that have just undergone an operation and need constant monitoring.

Price from $ 50AUD

Home visits:

Once a day, 15-minute visit from $45AUD. Twice a day 15 min visits from $90AUD.

Daily walk:

Dog walking services: $20AUD for 30 minutes. Starting on $40AUD for 60 minutes.

Veterinary taxi

Take the pets to the vet for vaccination purposes or regular check-ups. If you have a car, you can apply.

From $30 AUD per round trip

If you want to start doing this type of work, follow the instructions:

Step 1. Join for free

Step 2. Apply - Take the assessment interview

All applicants must undergo a selection interview.

Step 3. Verifications

All applicants must load a recent Australian National Police Police Check received in the last 12 months or request a new check.

Step 4. Train: Take the mandatory course for pet care and dog-walking.

Step 5. Set up your profile and create your list

Your list is your PetCloudYou can direct customers to read comments from previous customers, view photos, view the services you offer, and see your rates. Besides, they'll see your calendar to book your services.

Step 6. Organize the calendar and configure your bank account.

Step 7. Check out the pet jobs in the forum and answer owners questions to be one step closer of getting the job.

Another platform where you can look for a job to take care of animals is: Pawshake

2. Airtasker

In this job portal you can search for all kinds of tasks, depending on your skills:

*Home cleaning

* Full moving services

* Partial moving services

* Furniture assembly

*Maintenance staff

* Marketing and design

* Home and gardening

In general, anything!

If someone wants to move out of their house or apartment, they will surely need someone to load the boxes.

As you carry out different jobs, you can qualify for verified badges, that way you'd be a better candidate at the time of being chosen.

The benefits of registering with Airtasker:

* You can earn up to $ 5,000AUD per month by completing tasks.

* You will be your own boss.

* With thousands of tasks posted each month on Airtasker, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Choose the tasks you would like to complete for the people you would like to work with.


You can ensure the payment of your tasks with Airtasker Pay. Once you accept an offer on a task, the agreed amount is safe until you complete it.

Download the Airtasker app and find the tasks you need. You can also browse available tasks and earn money wherever you go!


Airtasker insurance is provided by CGU. This means that Taskers at Airtasker are covered by third party liability when it comes to personal injury or property damage. This way, you will have warranties when applying to a job.

 Welcome to Capital Staffing Agency:

If you want to work directly with a company, you can contact the Capital Staffing Agencywhich is in charge of recruiting staff for their different suppliers. You can apply directly with them, and they will be in charge of finding you the best job according to your profile. It is important that you know that the selection process is carried out by Capital Staffing Agency. Go ahead and call their main office: (215) 946-3982!

Facebook Groups:

Today, the world of social media grows more and more, people communicate with each other in a fast way. This is why many companies and people publish their interests and of course their needs in certain segmented groups. If you are looking for a job, we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Click on the Groups option.
  3. Search by keywords (babysitter jobs Sydney) It is important that you enter the location so that it shows only the offers in your area.
  4. Join the group.
  5. Check all the offers they have posted.

Teaching platforms:

On these platforms students can earn extra money by teaching:

We are sure that you will be able to find many options that will be very useful to you when sending your CV.

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