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debes saber sobre Toronto

Here's what you need to know about Toronto

If you have already decided to study in Canada and have chosen the multicultural city, here we bring you everything you need to know about Toronto

Toronto is considered one of the most important multicultural cities in the world. You’ll notice that the vast majority of its inhabitants are foreigners. 

Toronto is also often called the "New York" of Canada as it is a city that radiates life, as it has many stories to tell. It is a fascinating city with incredible nightlife, shops, museums, restaurants, cafés and music festivals. We are sure that in this city you will live unique moments.  

Here you will always have something to do, and if you want to be away from the city, you can also do it since you will find large lakes near the city.

 You can connect with nature!

Honestly, it is a perfect city which is home to many foreign students, who can enjoy the security it offers. We must also highlight the infrastructure of transport and public services. 

Now, this is what you should know about Toronto

1. These are the advantages of living in Toronto

Museo Real de Ontario
  • In this city, great job opportunities abound and their salaries are high, which will allow you to have an excellent quality of life. 
  • In Toronto, you have the opportunity to visit unique places since you will be close to the mountain beach. 
  • As it is a multicultural city, you will come across many foreign languages. You would have the opportunity to perfect your English and even learn another language. 
  • Boredom is not an option, fun and entertainment will be guaranteed. There are many tourist plans that you can enjoy while studying in Canada.
  • It has nightlife for all tastes.
  • You can participate in different sporting events such as Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, etc. 
  • Summers tend to be longer so there are many activities to do.
  • If you are a winter lover, you will surely get used to its climate, as it is quite cold.

2. What is the exact location of Toronto?

The city of Toronto is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, in southeastern Canada. It is the fifth-largest city in North America and the largest in Canada.


3. Weather in Toronto

Its climate in the summers is mild and somewhat humid, while the winters are quite cold, temperatures can drop to -10 °C. During winter, you will have to get used to the presence of snow, wind and rain. In summer, temperatures can reach 35 °C.  

In Toronto, you can experience the four seasons.

4. How to get around Toronto

When moving around the city, you can use Toronto's public transport. The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is made up of the subway, tram and bus networks. These services are integrated, so the same ticket will help you to move around the three means of transport. 

Metro: It has four lines in much of the city. The yellow line (Yonge-University Line), the green line (Bloor-Danforth), the blue line (Scarborough Line) and the purple line (Sheppard Line). The main ones are yellow and green, which are connected to the vast majority of stations. The service starts at 6:00 am and ends at 1:00 am.

Tram: Most of its routes go across the city from east to west, passing through the main streets of the city such as King Street or Queen Street. These are known as streetcars.

Buses: This network has more than 100 lines and is an alternative if you are going to travel at night. It has a specific night service network. The Airport Rocket line connects the city centre to the airport.

If we talk about prices, all TTC services have the same rate. When making transfers you must keep the ticket that the driver will give you, otherwise you will not be able to ride the next one. 

5. These are the best neighbourhoods to live in Toronto 

debes saber sobre Toronto

Among the questions you can ask yourself when choosing the city is: What is the best area to live in?

We have made a list of the best neighbourhoods so you can find out more:

Westside: It is the part of the city preferred by the locals, where they go to party and have fun. If you want to buy clothes, there you will find vintage clothing stores, restaurants of all styles, bars with live music, cafés, galleries and a lot of nightlife.

Old Town: Although it is somewhat expensive to live here, you will be close to the best food markets in the world, St Lawrence Market and Corktown. You will see an area with vintage shops, street art and cafés with a Bohemian touch.

Waterfront and Toronto Island: This place is on the shore of Lake Ontario and is surrounded by beautiful parks, shops and restaurants.

Down Town: It is in the centre of the city, there you will see many restaurants, shops, cafés, places to party.

Scarborough: It is located near the lake in Scarborough Bluffs and Rouge Park, Canada's first urban national park. You can go to exercise quietly in these places.

Midtown: This is the favourite area for international students and young people, as it is very close to the University of Toronto. You will also find many restaurants, cool shops and original cafés. The famous Bloor Street is located precisely here. 

Etobicoke: If you like a quiet life, this neighbourhood located west of downtown is for you. In the same way, you have restaurants and bars nearby, but its style is more relaxed. 

6. Avoid making these mistakes while in Toronto

  • Although Toronto is a city with job opportunities, you must start your search as soon as you arrive in the country and do not give up. Soon, you will get a job that fits your study schedule.
  • Live the adventure to the fullest! You must complete your studies, but it is also the perfect opportunity to get to know a new country in all its aspects. 
  • Don't only hang out with Spanish-speaking people. Get to know new cultures and since you have the opportunity, perfect your English.

7. These are some places you must visit in Toronto

Museo Real de Ontario

Ripley's Aquarium: If you are passionate about the marine world, this place is perfect to spend an entire afternoon watching the wonderful aquatic creatures.  

Casa Loma: This place must appear on your list, as this majestic castle attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Its gardens and buildings are beautiful.

Royal Ontario Museum: It is the largest museum in Canada, it has a collection of more than six million pieces, which are distributed throughout 40 galleries. You can find art, science and archaeology exhibitions.

CN Tower: It is one of the most popular attractions in the city and a Canadian icon. It is 553 meters high. It is the best place to enjoy the Canadian sunset and, if you want to encourage the romance of the evening, you may want to reserve a table at the 360 Restaurant, a magnificent revolving view.

CF Toronto Eaton Centre: This gigantic and popular shopping centre stands out for its excellent selection of high-end stores and its elegant design. Among the more than 250 shops, restaurants and services. If you dare to go, look for Flight Stop, a spectacular artistic installation that represents 60 Canada geese in flight and that hangs from the ceiling of the Eaton Center.

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