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estos 10 mitos australianos

Check out these 10 Australian myths - True or false?

Australia is one of the favourite destinations for students due to its excellent educational quality. If you already decided to travel to this country to start an adventure, you should know as much as you can about it. Check out these 10 Australian myths that are not entirely true. 

Let's get started!

1. Sydney is the capital of Australia - False

estos 10 mitos australianos

Most people believe that Sydney is the capital of Australia, as it has become one of the most famous cities in the country. Some important events have been held here, such as the 2000 Olympic Games. 

To clarify, the true capital of Australia is Canberra, which was built from scratch and was designed specifically to be the capital.

2. Surfing was born in Australia- False

Surfing reportedly appeared in Peru and Hawaii, as many people report having seen others slide on the waves with wooden logs.

This sport became popular in the 20th century, thanks to the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku. Then, Australia and California were the next countries to start the incredible surf wave.

3. You'll see koalas and kangaroos everywhere - False

estos 10 mitos australianos

One of the most common myths is that in Australia you can find a kangaroo or koala anywhere, but the reality is that most wild animals have their nature reserves. So if you're in Australia don't expect to see a kangaroo on the way home. Well, you never know!

4. Australia is home to the happiest animal in the world- True

estos 10 mitos australianos

You don't have to guess which animal it is, just by seeing it you'll know. Quokkas are Australian native animals that live in some areas of the western part of the country. 

You can see them on the islands of Rottenest and Bald. Perfect companions for a unique selfie!

5. Australian Aborigines are the oldest living population on the continent - True 

Australian Aborigines are the first inhabitants of Australia and the surrounding islands. The traditional territory of Aborigines extends throughout Australia, Tasmania and some nearby islands.

Although their territories have been sadly reduced, there are still Aboriginals in Australia and each group has its own cultural traits.

6. Living in Australia is too expensive

This may vary depending on the type of visa you get. If you have a student visa, you can live and work in Australia and cover your expenses. You won't have to worry just enjoy your stay in this amazing country. 

The quality of life in Australia is very good. Similarly, it doesn't matter which city you choose to live, because if it is an “expensive city” the excellent wages you earn will make up for it.

7. Toilet water turns to the other side — True  

This effect is called Coriolis, and it is given because the rotation speed is higher in the equator than in the poles of the planet. This causes moving bodies to deviate from the straight line and turn to the right in the Northern Hemisphere, and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere. Interesting, isn't it?

8. In Australia, you will see a pink lake - True

estos 10 mitos australianos

 The Pink Lake called Lake Hillier, is located in southwest Australia, on Middle Island, the largest in the Archipelago of the Recherche. 

Nobody knows the cause of its pink colour, but without a doubt, it is a natural wonder of Australia, which is worth discovering.

9. Australia is the largest country in the world- False

Australia is huge, but not the largest in the world, it’s exactly the sixth larger country. From end to end it measures about 3625 km, roughly the distance between Barcelona and Moscow.

However, it is one of the least populated countries in the world. Australia has approximately 24 million inhabitants, making it the second-lowest densely populated country in the world. 

10. On Australian beaches, there are signs telling you if there are sharks or not! — True

estos 10 mitos australianos

Australian waves are perfect for surfers but it is also a dangerous activity due to the large number of sharks that inhabit the beaches. So to prevent incidents it is common to find signs that tell you if there have been shark sightings during the day or not. 

What do you think of these 10 Australian myths?


In Australia, it rarely rains, there is always heat - False

 Australia stands out for its perfect climate for those who love sunshine and beach days. However, the weather phenomenon tends to change depending on the area where you are.

In the central and western parts of the country, there are very arid areas where it rarely rains. But in the most inhabited cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, the climate is more temperate as their coasts have a large area of vegetation.

In winter season the temperature drops and rains frequently, while in summer, the sun heats up to 38°C. 

Winter comes in June, July and August, while summer starts in November and runs until mid-March of the following year. 

Embarcarte en la aventura de estudiar y trabajar Australia, serás tú mismo quien descubra cada uno de los secretos que envuelven a este país.

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