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How to plan a trip to Canada?

When you have a reason to travel to a destination, the process is much more exciting. So if you want to know how to plan a trip to Canada to see its beautiful landscapes, cities, taste its spectacular cuisine, enjoy all its lakes, study or work, then you can learn the best tips to plan this great trip to Canada.

Once you apply for the eTA ''Electronic Travel Authorization'' you can stay up to 6 months, you can apply online, it is valid 5 years from the date it is taken out and you can travel as many times as you want during this time. 

Keep in mind that the requirements are different for each country, so it is necessary to advise you depending on your nationality. 

Best options for travel to Canada

Traveling to Canada is really expensive, but if you find the best options or savings plans to budget your trip will be much easier. 

In Canada you can be sure to travel safely, as it is a safe country and the people are very friendly. The only alarming thing is the Bears, you can find several of them in the rocky mountains, but if you keep calm, there is nothing to worry about. 

Although it may seem like a distant destination, it is actually about 8 hours away depending on where you come from. If you are at the airport in Spain, remember to present the eTA and a transport reservation to leave Canada.

The best time to travel to Canada is clearly in the summer, (July and August) however, keep in mind that there are many tourists and it is more complicated to visit the most popular places in the country. So if you want to travel in a season with good weather and few tourists, we recommend you to do it in spring (April and June) or in autumn (September and October).

And in case you didn't know, Canada is the second largest country in the world, therefore, the possibility of visiting different places is very wide, but we recommend you to study very well each area you are going to visit and create an itinerary to go through them, such as the East Coast (Toronto, Montreal and Quebec) or the West Coast (Vancouver, Calgary and the natural parks of the Rocky Mountains). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The most popular cities in Canada

  • Montreal:
    This city is one of the most cultural places of the country, besides having a French infusion with its festivals, gastronomy and art, it is multicultural and cultural linguistic. Likewise, keep in mind that it is one of the coldest cities in North America and it is advisable to be warm.
  • Ottawa:
    If you are a museum enthusiast, Ottawa, Canada's capital, is the place for you. It is a very sociable, bilingual city with all kinds of attractions. 

    Its large buildings are the great attraction in the city centre around the Rideau Canal, which is an inspiring place with world class museums and impressive architecture. To make the most of your trip and get to know the inside of the Parliament, we recommend you take one of the free guided tours of the city.
  • Quebec:
    Canada is characterized by its majestic wilderness and cosmopolitanism, so if you want to know a city with a linguistic and cultural identity Quebec is the most recommended city. There you will find a perfect combination of North America and Europe, from its language to its food and wine.
  • Vancouver:
    Believe it or not, in Vancouver you can find the best Asian food in North America. This city has been categorized as the food capital of Canada.
    You can find different neighbourhoods to explore, a variety of outdoor cultural activities and incredible places to drink and dine with natural views of this majestic metropolis surrounded by oceans.  
  • Toronto:
    It is the largest city in Canada, so you can find all kinds of entertainment, such as: beaches, food, art and even a nightlife. 

    Being a cosmopolitan city, its inhabitants have roots from all over the world, which make this place characterized by having the best galleries, museums, restaurants and all kinds of attractions for tourists.

    Here you can see the incredible Niagara Falls, a must see if you travel to Canada.

    It is one of the least cold cities in Canada, however it is advisable to travel with appropriate clothing and shoes for the rain. 
  • Banff:
    For nature lovers, we recommend Banff, one of Canada's oldest and most beautiful national parks. It is located in the centre of the Rocky Mountain range, a place where you can find the small town of Banff with numerous landscapes, forests, ice fields and glaciers.

    If you visit this place, you will have a great experience, as you can see its magnificent lakes with a variety of landscapes, depending on the season, in summer you can see its lakes with a turquoise colour and in winter an impressive view of its incredible mountains. 
  • Calgary:
    It has become one of the most visited cities in Canada, which has had an extraordinary economic and tourist growth due to its historical, cultural and recreational facilities.

    In Calgary you have all kinds of options to have fun, since it is one of the cities with more festivals in Canada and you can attend the most famous festivals like the Calgary Film Festival and the Stampede.

Whatever your reason for wanting to travel to Canada, keep in mind that you can visit the most incredible places in North America and find the best oportunidades para crecer profesionalmente.