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What is it like to study and work in Malta?

Malta is considered the jewel of the Mediterranean for enthusiastic young people who want a different and exotic study and work experience. This European archipelago is not only known for beautiful architecture and being a dream tourist destination for many people, but also for an advanced educational system and great employment opportunities for foreigners. 

Studying and working in Malta as a foreigner is easier than you can imagine and today we bring you this guide with all the details you need to know to fulfill your dream of studying in a Maltese university. Also, job offers in Malta offer you the opportunity to become a Maltese citizen, even if only temporarily. 

Careers you can study in Malta

study in malta careers

In addition to studying English in Malta and working to test what you have learned, you can also pursue a university degree, the title of which is perfectly valid internationally. Some of these degrees obey modern interests and others are more classical careers, so you can openly choose the one that best suits you or the one you prefer. 

Most professionals in the European Union choose Malta as a destination for advanced studies due to the special postgraduate and master's degrees offered by this archipelago. Here are some of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that this European island complex has for you at the academic level. 

Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas e Innovación Digital

This degree is designed especially for young enthusiasts who want to prepare themselves for the new digital demands. By studying business administration and digital innovation, you will learn how to transform traditional businesses into the new technologies that the digital world needs. 

With this degree you will have the opportunity to innovate in the business world both within the Maltese territory and in any country within the European Union. The latter applies not only to this undergraduate degree, but to all the degrees you obtain at a Maltese university. 

Licenciatura en Diseño Gráfico y Animación

The digital era has become evident and more and more careers are oriented to respond to the need for technology and innovation. Among these needs is graphic design, one of the most demanded careers today where you will learn to create all kinds of concepts for advertising and marketing.

You will also be offered all the necessary tools to contribute to the world of animation, which is increasingly in demand and presents a new boom in growth. All this certified by the best universities in the country and with endless opportunities ahead in the art industry. 

Pregrado en Psicología

Not everything is about new trends and careers for today's technologies. In Malta you can graduate in psychology, one of the most popular degrees in the world and that is updated over time to adapt to the new emotions that are generated over the years.

If your intention is to work in the country once you finish your degree, we have excellent news for you. The job field in Malta for psychologists is quite extensive, so there are great employment opportunities that you can take advantage of to generate good income and save for the Maltese citizenship procedures. 

Licenciatura en Artes

One of the most classic degrees in the world is the arts and in Malta you can study an undergraduate degree entirely dedicated to it. This can be an advantage if you want to study and work in Malta, as it is well known that this country has a large number of art galleries that showcase new talents.

The universities that offer this degree have the reputation of having a great student participation in this field, besides being one of the careers that sends more exchange students internationally to learn about new trends in art. In addition, among the curriculum you can find seventeen disciplines to learn.


The world without finance would be meaningless without the professionals who make it all possible: accountants. Job offers in Malta for accountants are increasingly on the rise due to the archipelago's constant commercial expansion, especially in terms of foreign investment. 

You can study this degree and work anywhere in Europe thanks to the international validity of the degree, which increases your chances of professional success. 

Bachelor of Arts

Not only at the university level there are academic offers that you can't miss. If you do not yet meet the minimum age for a bachelor's degree in arts but you feel attracted to this career, do not worry, you can enroll in a bachelor's degree in arts while you meet the required age and acquire the basic knowledge and techniques.

This anteroom prepares you for the contents you will see in college regarding art. Correct techniques, artistic styles, local and international art history and everything related to it. You will also learn about the tourism industry applied to art. This is an opportunity to have a semi-professional approach and get an idea about the university.

Bachillerato en Ingeniería

Engineering is one of the most sought after careers worldwide and many young people, from an early age, express their interest in dedicating their lives to achieve the title of engineer in any of its different branches. Because of this, universities have created study programs for young people who wish to enter their classrooms as future engineers.

With this bachelor's degree you will not only be acquiring the necessary knowledge to prepare yourself for the future, but also guaranteeing a space among the applicants to the degree, since universities closely follow the performance of students and take into account their progress in the field for quotas and possible scholarships. 

Intensive English course

Although Maltese is the official language, you can also study English in Malta and work thanks to the fact that this is the second language officially recognized. More and more people are interested in studying English in this conglomerate of islands because of the economic advantages and the possibilities that this brings in the future.

If you decide to learn English in Malta and work, you will be contributing not only to the new and innovative Maltese educational system, but you will also become part of the labor field, which is increasing with the passing of the years and the number of foreigners who decide to be part of it.

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How to study and work in Malta?

how study in malta

By this point you might be convinced to study in this country and wondering how you can do it. If that is the case then let us explain how you can fulfill your dreams of studying abroad in Malta.

To be able to do this you will need to follow a series of important requirements that will guarantee you the right to study and work in the most legal way possible. Keep in mind that if your country does not belong to the European Union, it is necessary to take a course of study longer than ninety days to be able to access the student visa, which is one of the requirements mentioned below.

Valid passport

Since your identity document is not valid outside your country of origin, it is important that you carry your passport with you at all times, since it will become your identity document in foreign territory. 

Remember that it must be valid for a minimum of three months, so it must be as updated as possible. In addition, it is necessary that you have the corresponding seals that certify that your entry was registered under all legal standards. 

Student Visa

As we mentioned before, the student visa is not only one of the necessary documents, but the most important one to be able to realize your adventure of studying in Malta. This small but valuable document can be interpreted as your entry pass to the European archipelago as a student. 

Since it is one of the most time-consuming procedures to process, we recommend that you start with it. This way you will be able to concentrate on other less time-consuming procedures while waiting for your visa to be approved. Doing so is as simple as clicking and accessing the online portal of the Maltese consulate or contacting their offices in your home country directly. 

Proof of registration

As it happens in different European countries, one of the requirements to study in Malta as a foreigner is to present the proof of enrollment in the university, college or institute where you will study in this country. 

This certifies you legally as a foreign student, so you will be able to have all the benefits that this entails. Remember to carry with you a couple of copies of this voucher distributed in different places in your luggage and pockets. This way you will be prepared in case one of these copies gets lost or your cell phone gets discharged, in case you carry it in memory. 

Proof of financial solvency

It is important for the State to be able to prove that you have the necessary means to pursue your studies. For this, the applicant is required to present a document that proves such means in a legal way, at least for the first three months of classes.

Remember that with your student visa you are entitled to work part-time for a maximum of twenty working hours per week. This opens up new opportunities for you, as you will be able to pay for what you need academically and personally, as long as you attend 85% of the classes and do not exceed the working hours per week.

Student health insurance

Although Malta is a very economical country to live and study, the truth is that health is usually somewhat expensive compared to other services. Despite this, the health care service is one of the best and most complete.

However, to avoid problems of any kind, the government has decided to require visitors, regardless of their reasons for traveling, to have medical insurance. Be sure to read the policy in detail before taking out insurance to be more confident that it covers all possible scenarios, in addition to knowing how much the monetary contribution will be. 

Lease agreement

As a student you will need a place to stay in order to study, rest and sleep. Fortunately Malta has all kinds of options to choose from, such as hotels, student residences, hostels and hostels of all kinds. From the cheapest ones where you only have your own room to the most complete ones at a higher price.

It is necessary that you make your reservation before starting your trip, this way you will have another way to legally prove that your intentions in the country are for studies and that, in addition, you already have a place to stay for the duration of your stay. In case you are staying with a friend or relative, they must issue a written statement. 

Choosing where to work

Job offers in Malta for foreigners are usually quite easy to find, especially in the high tourist season where there is always a vacancy for whoever decides to take it. 

The first step to success in Malta is to decide on one of the infinite number of jobs available to you. Some of these jobs may depend entirely on your level of English, so you may see them as an opportunity to practice your English in real time outside of the academic context.

How can I work as a student in Malta?

We have mentioned that with your student visa you have the right to work part-time, which is absolutely true. However, we have not talked about how you can make use of your right and start earning money with your visa. Doing this is not much different from how you would do it anywhere in the world. 

This is really simple, you just need to check the classifieds in the local newspaper to find out about the jobs requested depending on where you are, submit your resume where your student status is reflected and wait to be called for the interview. In this last one you will have the opportunity to talk directly with your future boss, so clarify all your doubts about it.

Job offers in Malta for students

study in malta job offers

As a student you will have certain advantages in getting a job because the level of demand is lower and the job offers in Malta are higher for students, especially in the high season such as Christmas.

If you are wondering what are the most common jobs for students in Malta here is a short list of options, so that you can get an idea of what kind of work you are qualified to do or which one catches your attention.

Store clerk

 This is perhaps the first job that many young students manage to get thanks to the abundance of stores throughout the territory. It has high interaction with customers, so you need a good level of English.

From clothing stores to household goods to sporting goods, there will always be a store waiting for you to offer you the opportunity to earn your own money in a foreign land. Many students opt for this job because it is relatively simple and the pay is good.

Kitchen assistant

 Maltese gastronomy is one of the most exotic and striking of the globe, so its restaurants are saturated at all times. It is because of this great demand that restaurants are looking for all kinds of help in the kitchen to prepare the dishes.

This job has direct contact with food, so you must have perfect hygiene, starting with cleanliness and nail size. Your activities can range from cutting ingredients to assisting the chef in some preparation. If you do your job well and know how to play your cards right, you can work your way up to become the official chef of the establishment. 


Once the food is ready, someone is needed to take it from the kitchen to the customer's table, and this is where you can come in. This is a job that requires concentration, pulse and patience, so take it easy. 

Unlike the previous job, in this one you will have direct interaction with customers, in addition to having to memorize the dishes of the day and all their variations in order to be able to give the right information to future diners. 

Dog walker

 Pets are very important to the Maltese and they make sure they get exercise, even when they are at work. This is why they hire people who have love and patience for pets.

You can take advantage of this job to get in shape while walking dogs. Keep in mind that there are specialized parks for dogs, as well as laws for their protection, so you should educate yourself properly before taking the job.

Pizza delivery man

 Perhaps the most common and well-known job in the world is that of a pizza delivery man. You will have direct interaction with the Maltese people and, in addition, the option to get to know the city where you live. In addition, they can tip you.

The delivery driver job will help you to get an idea of the space where you live, including alleys, streets, parking lots and every corner you can imagine in order to find the best route to deliver the pizza in the shortest time possible, a route that you can use to go to school, shopping, etc. 


The party never ends in the streets of Malta and to keep it going with the best spirits it is important to have a bartender to match. Dare to show your drinking skills and prepare the best and most delicious cocktails to keep the party going.

One of the advantages of this job is the enormous field of work it covers. From restaurants to bars and nightclubs to meetings and private parties. Not to mention the juicy tips left by customers, which is a huge advantage if you plan to save money in this country. 

Call center

Las ventas por teléfono son un método muy utilizado en Malta. Desde líneas para celulares hasta ofrecimiento de seguros para los ciudadanos, cualquier tienda que te imagines tiene su propio servicio de call center y eso no es más que una buena noticia para ti, ya que la tasa de empleo siempre estará a tu favor. Además, incluso puedes hacer desde tu residencia de estudiante.

This job requires an advanced level of English, as you will have to make small talk to customers to offer the services of the company, often in a friendly way, so you will have to know Maltese slang perfectly. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to get to know more closely the people of the country where you decided to study.


Coffee is, without a doubt, one of the three most important beverages in the world and Malta cannot be left out of this scheme. For Maltese citizens coffee is the engine with which they start their day, in addition to having a large number of cafes distributed throughout the territory so that you can enjoy an espresso at any time accompanied by typical sweets of the country.

Being a coffee professional and getting certified as a barista guarantees you a very well paid job, in addition to having a very high range of reach through the establishments mentioned above. As a barista you can practice your level of English and learn directly about the culture as you interact with customers and soak up their customs.

What is the minimum wage in Malta?

study in malta minimum wage

Throughout this article we have expressed that Malta is an economical country to live in where your salary will be enough to support you during the time you spend in Maltese territory. However, we have not specified the exact figure of how much is the minimum monthly salary, which is around 777 euros per month, euros down, euros up. 

In case you are wondering, this money will effectively be enough to cover the basic food basket and other things that escape from it, since the economy of this country is in constant growth, resulting in an exceptional quality of life that attracts foreigners who wish to start from scratch in a country foreign to their own. 

Learn English in Malta

study in malta learn english

Malta is known for being one of the most fun and beautiful academic destinations in the world and this is due to its beautiful architecture and lifestyle. However, English in this country is something fundamental and has developed different study programs covering all levels to teach the language of Elizabeth to locals and foreigners alike.

Here you will find everything from public and private universities to independent institutes with staff trained in pedagogy and didactics applied to English. If you are looking for an affordable destination to acquire English language skills, whether for work, academic or social purposes, Malta should be at the top of your list.