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Vivir en la ciudad de Wellington

Traveling to New Zealand in search of a new life can be one of the best decisions you can make in your life, especially if you are looking to pursue a university degree in this country that has become so popular in recent years, especially if you are a student looking for a residence in the capital, where you will find the best and wide variety of options to choose from.

If you want to know what it is like to live in Wellington, either as a student or as a permanent resident, stay with us, because today we bring you this complete guide with everything you need to know about this New Zealand city. Here are the best facts about what it is like to live in this capital city: its people, climate and general characteristics.

Wellington Features

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It is important that you know the characteristics of this city, which has a lot to offer both to students and to those who are looking for new financial ventures or for those who plan to settle down safely by renting an apartment and become part of its population.

Some of these characteristics are not so different from other cities in the world, although others make Wellington a unique place that you will not want to leave once you settle in its streets. These are some of the characteristics that make Wellington a unique city:

The southernmost city 

Wellington holds the curious and irrevocable title of being the southernmost city in the world. This means that it is the southernmost city, giving it a unique characteristic. Although this characteristic cannot be felt in the atmosphere, we cannot deny that it is there and has been reviewed by important magazines worldwide.

However, it is important to recognize this, as this feature has become ingrained in the culture of New Zealanders in this region to the point of having certain jokes and inside jokes referring to this curious fact. Also, if you plan to study in Wellington you will probably see history, where it is taught how this city replaced Auckland as the capital of the country. 

The new capital

As we mentioned in the previous point, Wellington occupies the place that used to be Auckland. Although this city was founded in 1830, it was not until 35 years later, in 1865, that it became the capital of the country. This decision was made by the then Prime Minister Alfred Domett in 1863.

The reasons, to this day, are not entirely clear beyond the Prime Minister's own words, which expressed that it was necessary to move the seat of government to the southern territories where independent colonies could be formed. Under this premise it is easy to decipher the reason, since there is no city further south in the world than the city of Wellington.

The most populated city

If we talk about New Zealand in general is a country with a high population density, however this does not compare with the one that has come to live in Wellington, so it is also considered the most populous city in the country. This is especially noticeable in the city center and when it is holiday season, as local tourism is usually quite busy. 

Although later in the guide we will dedicate a complete space to the population of Wellington we want to tell you that here you will see many people, more than you will see elsewhere, although this may depend on the season in which you decide to visit. If you live in Wellington you will be able to notice much better the flow of people that pass through its streets according to the date.

A view into space

If you are lucky and the weather allows it, it is very likely that you will be able to see the space from this incredible and magical city. This is possible thanks to the Carter Observatory, which is not only symbolic of this city but is of great importance for the whole country and in which great discoveries have been made through its telescopes and advanced equipment. 

You can fulfill your dream of seeing space from the Carter Observatory on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and make use of the Thomas Cooke telescope. This is an experience that attracts countless people to the New Zealand capital and those who can not see through it because of the weather factor can always go to the explanation offered by the planetarium, which is really complete.

Maori culture

Although it is true that the whole country is strongly influenced by Maori culture, we cannot deny that its capital city is the most attached to it. This can be seen in the massive and detailed Maori sculptures scattered around the city, the various establishments whose names are written in their language and the tattoo billboards.

That's why if you want to learn about Maori culture without leaving the comfort and fun of the city you can do so without much trouble. You can go to a museum, meet the locals for a chat or seek out some of the communities that have established themselves in the city, which will be happy to talk about them if you are respectful. 

Commercial area

Although it is well known that Auckland is the commercial capital par excellence, it cannot be underestimated that Wellington also has a considerable financial activity. Most of the businesses are oriented to the world of finance, such as banks, but you can also find a good number of restaurants serving typical New Zealand food.

In addition, it is very easy to find places dedicated to the enjoyment of people such as shopping malls, playgrounds, squares of all kinds and, of course, a large number of hotels. During the high tourist season is when you can see a greater flow of foreigners, so businesses take advantage of that to adapt to them and sell twice as much.

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Residents in Wellington

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We have already talked about the fact that the population density in the capital city is higher than in the rest of the country, but now we will talk about how people are in these parts. It may seem an unimportant detail, but if you want to become part of Wellington you have to be aware of how people behave and what are their customs. 

The population of Wellington has some unique characteristics that we will describe below. This way you will be prepared to deal with any situation that may arise during your stay in Wellington.

Your quality of life

Of all the New Zealand territory, Wellington is considered the city with the best quality of life, registering high health rates, not to mention the low pollution of the environment, resulting in a pure air that is a pleasure to breathe, especially if you come from more polluted countries where breathing becomes somewhat complex.

To all this we must add the good general status of its inhabitants, positioning itself as a city where money is enough for what is necessary and, if you manage well, you can have the savings capacity to go for a walk and see the wonders that this country so full of mystery has to offer.

Respect is the most important thing

It is common in big cities to lose respect for people, privacy and other important things to ensure proper coexistence among those who coexist in it. However, in Wellington this does not happen and this is because New Zealanders, like the Aussies, are very polite and respectful people, so you will have no problems here.

This can be reflected in the low rate of corruption and crime, making the city a safe enough place to settle down and forget about the problems that made you leave your home country. On the subject of corruption, New Zealand in general has a war against corruption, ranking among the top countries with the lowest corruption.

Open to other cultures

If there is one thing that can be said about New Zealanders, besides their friendliness, it is that they are very open to other cultures, which is complemented by their respect. You can appreciate this when you start a new course or degree and even when you arrive at a new job. The first reaction will be curiosity, followed by an interest in learning about yourself and the country you come from.

If you are looking for a city where you will not be judged by your nationality, skin color or other features of your country this can be any of New Zealand, but Wellington is well known for its warmth and tolerance, so feel confident and settle in the capital, where you can find employment, study and settle without major problems. 

Strong and adaptable

The enormous and considerable technological and financial progress that the capital has undergone is the result of its inhabitants, who appear to others as strong and serene people who face any difficulty with a smile and an ingenious solution. For this reason, and others that you will see later, the population of Wellington is one of the most pleasant to know.

As if this were not enough, New Zealanders in the capital adapt very quickly and easily. If we stop to analyze the changes that Wellington has undergone in recent decades, we can get an idea of this ability to adapt, since its inhabitants have managed to find the perfect balance between Maori culture and modernity, without either running over the other.

Weather in Wellington

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Another of the most important factors that we have to take into account when living in Wellington is its climate, which presents variations with respect to the one that exists in the rest of New Zealand. If you inform yourself beforehand about the climate in this city you will be able to prepare yourself correctly, because perhaps the climate of your country of origin is very different from the one here. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

We want to tell you that this may vary depending on the time of the year. The biggest change is in the winter and summer. The following are the seasons in Wellington, accompanied by the respective month in which the seasonal change takes place, so you can prepare yourself with the appropriate clothing, as the case may be.


This is considered the best time to live in Wellington because the weather conditions are not as strong as in other seasons, besides being the favorite season for tourists because they can see the flowering of the trees that adorn the whole city, which bathe it with a myriad of colors. 

The temperature usually ranges between 16 and 19 degrees, a cool climate for walks and wear a little lighter clothing, without uncovering too much. This season covers the months of September to November. Although it is a short season, it is not to be missed, especially if you go to the gardens in the city or plan to enjoy a cool day. 


The months from December to February, contrary to other parts of the world, host the welcoming of summer, the most awaited time of the whole country where you can wear much lighter and shorter clothes, show off that new tattoo or the result of an arduous workout at the gym. 

It is also the perfect excuse to go to the beach, of which there are not exactly few in this part of the world. This need for cold water is due to the fact that the temperature rises from 20° at best to 32°, which are temperatures to which New Zealanders are not accustomed. Take advantage of this season to get to know the natural beauties of its beaches.


Another season where temperatures are average is autumn, which spans the months of March through May. You can enjoy a comfortable 17°, reaching peaks of 21° during the hottest days of the month. Autumn in Wellington is a wonderful time where the trees leaf out, leaving behind the characteristic leaf litter that catches people's attention, making the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos.

This season can be felt in the environment, not only because of the climate change, but also because fashion, advertising and tourism companies put all their effort in creating new trends to follow, especially in fashion, where brands bring out clothes with autumn colors and light materials, unlike the next season that we will see.


If you are a native of a hot country, such as Latin America, you are probably longing to feel the cold of a country like New Zealand and you can certainly do so during the days from June to August, where temperatures drop to 10° and reach a high of 16° during the day. 

If you come from a country where the cold is not common we advise you to buy warm clothes and thick sheets, the winter in Wellington is really cold, besides being the perfect excuse to enjoy your favorite coat or wear the new sweater you bought especially for this date. 

Wellington Highlights

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We know that you are impatient to know the best of this great city, which are the tourist places par excellence, areas with the best restaurants and everything that encompasses living in Wellington. This way you will know in advance what awaits you so you can better organize your free time to get to know its streets in depth. 

In addition, below we present you not only tourist attractions as mentioned above, but also some of the aspects of living in this New Zealand city that make it unique compared to other cities in the country. 

Mount Victoria

We open with a bang, showing you one of the most important natural attractions of the whole city. If you want to walk through the mountain you can do it following one of the guided tours, which show you the best areas to walk and the fastest shortcuts or independently, but we always recommend the first option if you want the full experience.

The view from Wellington's Mount Victoria is one of the most impressive, especially if you are lucky enough to take the tour when night is about to fall and you can see the sunset in the sky with the whole city in the background. As if this were not enough, it also gives you a full view of the New Zealand sea, so remember to take space in the memory of your cell phone.

Te Papa Tongarewa Museum

We have already reviewed the balance that exists between modernity and Maori traditions, in addition to feeling a great respect for it. Well, that respect is reinforced when you learn that there is a museum dedicated to Maori culture, which you can visit and take one of the guided tours to learn all about this enigmatic and fascinating New Zealand culture.

Besides that there are also exhibits dedicated to the contemporary history of the country, having in its facilities all kinds of historical objects to see. The entrance to the museum is totally free and it receives a huge amount of people from all over the world, especially during the high tourist season. 

The cableway

If we talk about symbolic places in this city we cannot leave aside the famous cable car of Wellington, which receives the name of Cable Car and connects the center of the city with the suburbs of Kelburn and the botanical garden, being this the main means of transportation among the residents of this residential area to access the center.

However, you can be part of this experience and witness Wellington from the heights, especially if you are visiting the famous botanical garden, so you will be doing two of the city's typical activities at the same time.

Wellington Botanic Garden

If you want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing day surrounded by New Zealand nature, don't even hesitate to sign up for an afternoon at the Botanic Gardens. Its 25 hectares are dedicated to the conservation of natural species native to the country, resulting in a quiet walk full of color, smell and endless photos.

The forest also offers exhibits of foreign flora, having an exclusive section for roses, of which it has a huge variety and are usually one of the main reasons for people to visit the garden. Its Victorian-style greenhouse will capture your attention as soon as you see it, inviting you to come in and enjoy its facilities.


In recent years, the popularity of this sanctuary has increased. This may be due to the variety of wild species within its confines, but it is also remarkable the work done by the animal caretakers, giving them all the attention the species need and keeping the spaces as natural and organic as possible.

You will have to pay the entrance fee to access this sanctuary and the price may vary considerably depending on the time you spend in the sanctuary. From one hour to a fullday, Zealandia offers all kinds of packages for you to enjoy alone or as a couple, as well as complete packages for the whole family. If you go in high season it is best to book.

Wellington and Middle Earth

If you are a fan of The Hobbit or J.R.R Tolkien's work in general, you cannot miss a guided tour through the recording studios of these two trilogies, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, where you can enjoy part of the recording sets and receive all kinds of extra information about the actors and the costumes that were used in the filming.

Peter Jackson, director of both films, is known to have a great affection for the country, using some of its landscapes as film sets, such as the characteristic Shire, home of Lord Baggins, which reflects the peaceful and relaxed spirit of the New Zealanders. 

Art everywhere

As you stroll around the city, you've probably noticed that all kinds of artwork are scattered throughout Wellington, bringing the city to life. From sculptures that refer to Maori culture to street murals that fill the streets and urban spaces with color. Many people are given the task of finding all the art that is in it.

There is a large number of galleries in this city, giving support to new artists seeking to make a place in the New Zealand art world. Although if we talk about sculptures, the most popular are the wind consolation, the writers' walk and the fern sphere, to the point of being considered today as heritage of the city. 

The beach

Just like Australia, New Zealand is a country that is closely linked to its beaches, which is one of the main reasons to consider Wellington as your future vacation destination. Remember that the Maori culture has a very close relationship with salt waters.

And if we talk about surfing, it is extremely common to find surf schools, where you will learn from the basic lessons to what you need to tame the fiercest waves. In addition, it is easy to come across specialized stores that sell boards, some of them even manufacture them according to the customer's tastes.