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This is how you can access Gold Coast Student Accommodation Grant

Thinking of moving to the to study at Gold Coast , but don't have the resources to support yourself there initially? Well this is your chance, as you can apply for a Student Accommodation Bursary for up to 10 weeks with a homestay or accommodation provider, so you can study at your favorite institution.

Gold Coast is a warm and welcoming city that offers quality education, labour rights for three years after study and a desirable lifestyle.

Approved applicants staying with families will receive their food and each beneficiary will also receive a Village Roadshow One Pass, which allows access to four Gold Coast theme parks for 12 months.

The total value of each Accommodation Grant per student is AUD $3,580.

How does the idea sound to you? It would be the beginning of a new adventure!

The intention of the program is to target international students on land, as well as national students who are not currently in the Gold Coast. The goal is to stimulate the local economy and increase the number of students in the Gold Coast while international borders remain closed.

This provides students with a secure landing pad when they arrive in Gold Coast and allows them to settle down before arranging their own accommodation after 10 weeks.


To be eligible for the Student Accommodation Grant, you must meet the following criteria:

• You must not be a student enrolled in Gold Coast before June 10, 2020.

• Show proof of registration for the next period of study.

• Be enrolled in a course not less than 20 weeks including admission offers packaged with multiple suppliers.

• If you are enrolled in a short or unaccredited course you will not be eligible for the Accommodation Scholarship.

If you have ongoing studies in a location other than Australia you may be eligible to apply as long as you have completed a full semester (or no less than three months) of that Qualification.

The application process

1. If you are interested, you should complete the application form on the Study Gold Coast website.

Evidence to attach to the application

• You must provide evidence of acceptance by a Gold Coast educational institution (Registration Confirmation). You can provide evidence after the application form is submitted. The evidence can be sent by email to [email protected]

• You can attach any relevant documentation (maximum 5 documents) in support of your application, for example, letters of recommendation, certificates, confirmation of enrollment (COE), etc.

• Current students must supply their USI. Similarly, students who have so far registered to study must include their USI if they have one.

If you do not have this, you can obtain it at www.usi.gov.au

2. Study Gold Coast will verify your eligibility with you and the institution to verify your registration.

3. Study Gold Coast will notify you of the result.

• If your application is approved, Study Gold Coast will contact the accommodation provider.

• When you arrive in Gold Coast, you will be invited to visit the Gold Coast Student Hub to receive a welcome package, including your annual Village Roadshow 4 Park pass.

To review more details of the terms and conditions, you can visit.

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