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aplicaciones para no aburrirte

Apps not to get bored during this social isolation

Boredom can become our worst enemy during these days when many of us await at home in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, so we want to share with you a list of the best applications to save you from boredom during this social isolation.

If you want to get fit by exercising:

Seven: This application will allow you to perform certain exercises within confined spaces, where you can do a routine of seven continuous minutes. Go ahead and exercise your body! It is available for Android and iOS.

Asana Rebel: With this tool, you can practice yoga and exercise if you want to lose weight. Take advantage of these moments when you can do something fun and healthy for your body. In addition, you can leave stress behind. It is available for iOS and Android.

8Fit: Here you can make the most of your time, since this application includes numerous functions, including interactive sessions for sports activities. You can carry out training plans that you can perform in any situation. In addition, it will show you the perfect menu according to your needs. It’s available for iOS and Android.

30-day challenge: If fitness plans are your thing, this app will indicate daily the exercises that will allow you to work each part of your body. Become a fit person! It is available for iOS and Android.

aplicaciones para no aburrirte

Colouring and avoiding stress:

Lake: This app will show you more than 800 works of art for you to colour while you immerse yourself in a fascinating world. So you can relax and have a nice time. Using it with accessories like the Apple Pencil, it’s fantastic. It’s available for iOS.

April Coloring: If you want to take a break and get out of the routine, the book you will find here will be your best ally since you can colour many pictures. As it is of very good quality you can take out the artist you have inside. Available for iOS and Android.

Pigment: This book has numerous cards for you to lose yourself colouring. More than 5,000 mandalas and Disney images appear, among other creatives. Ideal for hanging out. This tool is available for iOS and Android.

So far, how have you found these applications to not get bored?

aplicaciones para no aburrirte

To learn a language:

Duolingo: This is a popular English app. It adapts to your level and works with intuitive and interactive exercises. You can take short lessons while having fun learning. Available for iOS and Android.

Easy Ten: Learn ten terms in English daily and increase your vocabulary. Without you realizing it you will become an expert. Available for iOS and Android.

Bright: You can take some English lessons in a practical and interactive way. For five minutes you will learn from grammar to vocabulary. Available for iOS and Android.

aplicaciones para no aburrirte

To play with family or friends:

HousePartyWith this app, you can make group video calls of up to eight members. Participants can choose from four available games: (Trivia, Quick Draw, Heads Up! And Chips and Guac). For all players to play in real-time, you only have to press the dice button during the video call. This fun app can be found on iOS, Android and Google Chrome.

Apalabrados: Este juego, disponible en 16 idiomas, consiste en combinar distintas letras para formar la mayor cantidad de palabras posibles. Se puede jugar contra amigos o contra oponentes aleatorios alrededor del mundo. Esta ‘app’ está disponible para iOS, Android y Windows Phone.

June’s Journey: Este es un juego de objetos ocultos en el que los jugadores reciben una lista de elementos para encontrar. Deberás encontrar las pistas, resolver rompecabezas y descifrar enigmas para así ir superando los niveles. ¡Te convertirás junto a tus amigos en los mejores detectives!

Uno: Podrás jugar online con amigos este clásico juego de cartas. Para ganar deberás ser el primero en quedarse sin cartas. Sin embargo, ¡Uno! te ofrecerá nuevas formas de juego, que van desde el estilo clásico con las normas habituales o Uno en el que se podrá apostar a todo o nada. Este juego lo encuentras disponible en iOS, Android y Google Play.

aplicaciones para no aburrirte

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