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10 datos curiosos de nueva zelanda

10 datos curiosos de Nueva Zelanda

If you are planning to travel to New Zealand, either for academic or work purposes, you may want to put yourself in context with some of the customs and curiosities that occur in this country, which is really an archipelago. 

If you want to fit in, you'd better write down these curious facts about New Zealand that will let you know a little more about the place that will welcome you during your stay in this complex of interesting islands. 

1. El pájaro sin alas

el pájaro sin alas

Yes, just as you read it, there is a wingless bird native to this region and it is called kiwi, a peculiar wingless bird with a mustache that is one of the main tourist attractions of the country due to its rarity for those who come from abroad. This is one of the curiosities about New Zealand that most often impresses travelers. 

There are five different species of kiwis and they receive this name because of their small and oval size, which they share with the homonymous fruit. Although they are known as the wingless bird, the truth is that they have a small vestige of wings, only that they cannot be seen with the naked eye, which has given them the popular name by which they are known colloquially by people. 

2. La capital más al sur del planeta

la capital más al sur del planeta

When we talk about curious facts New Zealand never ceases to surprise us and among its curiosities is that its capital, Wellington, has the recognition of being the southernmost city in the world. 

This city was founded in 1930, replacing Auckland as capital and as the most important city of the whole archipelago. The title of the southernmost capital has given it a certain fame and recognition, thus attracting all kinds of visitors from all over the world who travel to check it out, take pictures and take souvenirs with them.

An important financial center

Wellington is not only famous for the aforementioned, but it is also an important financial center for the country, housing a large number of international companies whose headquarters are located in this city.

In addition, large hotel and restaurant chains have made this city their home, so it is common to find, from time to time, how new buildings are erected in response to New Zealand's constant need for commercial growth. 

Te Papa Tongarewa Museum

If you want to learn more about the Maori culture, which is one of the most interesting, you can do so by visiting the Te Papa Tongarewa museum. Inside you will find all kinds of exhibits that will show you everything about this culture such as their customs, way of living, etc. 

In addition, you can enjoy the facade of the building, which invites you to walk through its corridors for how warm and welcoming it is to the eye. Walk through its spacious galleries full of information and history and dare to delve deeper into the oldest culture of New Zealand, the Maori. 

3. Auckland, una de las mejores ciudades con mejor calidad de vida

Auckland una de la mejores ciudades con  mejor calidad de vida

Auckland, known as the old capital, is one of the protagonists of one of the curiosities about New Zealand that may convince you to apply for a residence permit is that this is one of the cities with the best quality of life in the country, which is due to the excellent economy that is managed in this part of the country.

Also, leaving aside the economy, Auckland is a city rich in culture, architecture and art, making its streets attractive and safe due to its low crime rate. 

Great job offer

To have a good quality of life it is necessary to evaluate what the labor market offers you, and in Auckland this is really diverse, full of opportunities for all areas, so finding a job in this city will be very easy, especially if you are a recent graduate of a New Zealand university. 

Not only are there job offers for all types of professionals, in addition to this the salary can be juicy, allowing you to cover the cost of the basic food basket and pay for other aspects such as rent and utilities, which even allows for considerable savings capacity.

Rentals for all budgets

As we said, the job offer is good and the quality of life allows you to have certain benefits within the confines of the city, but still the accommodation can be a bit high in some areas of Auckland. However, if you know where to look, you can find some really cheap rents.

In reality there are places for all budgets, especially in the outskirts of the city, where things are usually a little cheaper than in central areas. However, that may depend on what your needs are, how much space you want and how much money you have, although in general terms, if you do a good search you will have plenty to choose from.

Time to shop

Going to the supermarket for groceries is a routine that can be fun for many and torture for others, but doing it in Auckland is easy and economical, especially if you buy fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the fertile land of the island nation. Not only will you be supporting New Zealand agriculture, but you'll be bringing all the quality and freshness of the land. 

You will soon find that stocking up on groceries is cheaper than in other parts of New Zealand and this is further evidence of the excellent quality of life that the locals can boast. In addition, you can see large supermarket chains with national coverage all over the city, so you'll be shopping for the best products. 

Yachts in harbors and bays

In New Zealand there are plenty of curious facts and in Auckland one of the most peculiar is the presence of several yachts that can be seen in the harbors and bays, which is just another proof of the excellent quality of life that can be seen in this port city. It is enough to read the news and walk through its streets to witness what it is like to live in Auckland.

It is normal to take a stroll along the beach and see yachts of all sizes, models and colors, some of the most recent year and all perfectly maintained that beautify the seas and become part of the attractions, captivating tourists who take pictures of them. Some of the owners even offer to take pictures of them inside, as long as you are polite with them.

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4. Uno de los países menos corruptos del mundo

One of the least corrupt countries in the world

If New Zealand is known for anything, it is for its low, almost zero, levels of corruption. This is part of the curious facts about New Zealand because it is a news of international level and it is enough to take a walk through its streets to experience it firsthand. Many international newspapers have praised the war against corruption in New Zealand.

Since New Zealanders are so cordial they will be happy to talk to you about it, giving you a brief overview of the government's war on corruption and what they have done to ensure the result that can be seen on the streets such as:

Public works

Since there is no corruption in taxes, the money that goes to public works ends up being invested in what it should be: public works. This can be seen in the asphalting of streets, painting and conservation of facades and how beautiful the whole country looks. From hospitals to city halls, everything is in perfect condition.

This is also reflected in the quality of services such as water and electricity, which work perfectly and without irregularities in the loan of their services. If you apply for a residence permit and pay your taxes, you can be absolutely sure that these will reach their destination and will be invested in what they should be invested in: the improvement of the country.

Security forces

Another aspect where you can notice the absence of corruption is in the security forces, which wear the uniform with honor since their only job is to serve you as a citizen. It is normal to see police officers helping people to find directions, making use of the kindness that characterizes New Zealanders.

They have the task of protecting you and are trained for this task, avoiding at all costs to accept bribes that lead them to enter into acts of corruption. Both by choice and because they know the punishment that comes with it, as the state has been very severe with the corrupt and New Zealand is not a country that tolerates such behavior. 

5. Edmund Hillary, primer hombre en escalar el monte Everest

Edmund Hillary, primer hombre en escalar el monte everest

Everest is perhaps the best known mountain in the world and the dream of the most daring climbers. There have been many who have climbed to its summit, but the first to have done so in history was a New Zealander born in Auckland, Edmund Hillary.

His international fame and the title given to him as the first man to conquer Everest has brought New Zealand into the limelight, motivating many other New Zealand climbers to pursue their dream of climbing the world's highest mountain in honor of Edmund Hillary.

6. El país de las ovejas

The country of sheep

One of the curiosities of New Zealand that many people find interesting is that this is considered the country of sheep, which is due to the enormous amount of these animals that are scattered throughout the territory. This fact has generated that many biologists, scholars and general public go to New Zealand to verify its veracity, which is true.

Sheep are the most widely raised animal in New Zealand, with far more sheep than people. In 2011, more than 30 million sheep were registered, when the total number of human inhabitants in the country was only 4.3 million. New Zealanders keep these animals for different reasons, for example:

Wool manufacturing

There is no denying that New Zealand can be a very cold country, with temperatures well below 10°. This has resulted in the search for an alternative for the production of textiles to insulate against the cold in more rural areas in ancient times, which they found in sheep's wool.

This is still done today, but at industrial levels. The vast majority of sheep raised in the country are destined to have their wool cut, which is processed and sold at high prices. After this, the wool is allowed to grow back for a certain period of time and the process starts all over again. This wool can then be used to make garments. 

Milk production

Although sheep's milk is not one of the most commercially available worldwide, in New Zealand it is frequently consumed, especially in rural areas and on farms where there are large numbers of these animals, especially because it follows the same pasteurization process as that used for cow's milk.

Another great use, much better known and consumed throughout the country, is in the production of sheep cheese. This has a creamy texture different from cow cheese and because of its high fat content it becomes easy to melt, perfect for eating hot. It is so popular that locals invite foreigners to try it, and once they do, they leave happy.

7. Tomacorrientes con switch

Tomas corrientes con switch

Each country has its own power socket, this is totally normal. European sockets are not the same as Asian sockets, for example, forcing travelers to carry power adapters with them or buy them at city flea markets. But as in New Zealand curious facts are what's in abundance, power sockets are no exception.

Many travelers notice a small detail, something that is normal for New Zealanders but surprising for those who come from abroad: they have small switches that turn the power on and off. There are several reasons for this and we are going to explain them below. 

Avoiding unnecessary electricity consumption and saving money

Although this is a country with a growing economy, it cannot be denied that basic services are somewhat expensive, especially electricity service, which is so important in this day and age and on which we depend so much for the most basic and simple tasks such as refrigerating food or charging the cell phone. 

There is always some appliance that we forget to unplug and, even if it is turned off, it continues to consume energy, such as the television. Pulling on the cord to unplug it can damage both the outlet and the appliance, so a small switch cuts off the power flow when it is not needed. 

Increasing safety

The number of accidents with electrical outlets in the world is increasing and it is a fact that is hard to deny, especially when cleaning the house and water splashes on the outlet. With this method, accidents are greatly reduced, because by interrupting the flow of electricity you can do more things without running the risk of electrocution.

Also, if you have children at home this is a huge advantage. It is well known to everyone that children are adept at inserting objects, especially metal objects such as spoons or forks, into the sockets, so having this switch can help prevent such incidents with children. 

8. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Rope jumping is one of the most extreme activities in the world, being a fantasy for many to be able to throw themselves from a bridge and enjoy one of the strongest experiences of their lives. As one of the curiosities about New Zealand we want to tell you that in this country this is a more than common practice and there are even several sites for it.

In addition, New Zealand has the honor of being the first country in the world where this activity was practiced for the first time, specifically in 1986 in the Kawarau suspension bridge in Queenstown. Some of the places where you can bungee jump in New Zealand are:

  • Rotorua: From Agroventures you can jump to a height of 43 meters and have an excellent view.
  • Auckland: We lowered the bar a bit to get a 35-meter high jump with the specialized agency AJ Hackett Bungy.
  • Taupo: With Water Touch Bunge you will experience what it is like to free fall from 47 meters high.
  • Taihape: Mokai Gravity Canyon is the company that offers the unsurpassed experience of being thrown from no less than 80 meters high. This is the most extremely strong experience you can have in your entire life.

9. El señor de los anillos se filmó en Nueva Zelanda

El señor de los anillos se filmo en Nueva Zelanda

If you are addicted to movies, or even books, it is likely that among the curious facts about New Zealand, the one that most catches your attention is that one of the most famous trilogies in history was filmed in this oceanic country. That's right, we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than The Lord of the Rings, the story of Middle Earth.

New Zealanders accompanied Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn and the entire Fellowship of the Ring to bring the Ring to Mordor. The best part of all this is that you can walk the path that the characters of the movie did in their adventure to save all of Middle Earth by visiting these 8 locations that director Peter Jackson used as the setting for the film's set.

Matama (La Comarca)

One of the first places we see on the scene is the peaceful community where Lord Baggins lives, called Hobbiton in English and known in Spanish as La Comarca. Matamata, located on the North Island, was used for this quiet place that is home to one of the best races in Tolkien's legendarium.

If you would like to visit this town and live the experience of being a hobbit you can do it thanks to the guided tours that are made. In these you will be able to enter the well-known holes-houses that Gandalf likes to mark with magical invitations so that the dwarves come to invade the abode of Mr. Bilbo Baggins. 

10. Hoyos en la capa de ozono

La capa de ozono

A few years ago the whole world was alarmed when the hole in the ozone layer in the Antarctic was discovered. This caused a state of global alarm and hundreds of countries took action to try to do something about it. New Zealand was no exception and was one of the participants, as it was considerably affected by this phenomenon.

New Zealand's population was affected by this global problem, as Geoffrey Palmer, then Minister for the Environment, considered that the hole in the ozone layer had an impact on its citizens. The rates of people with skin cancer in New Zealand were alarming in the 1990s and 2000s.

However, today, thanks to the cooperation of hundreds of countries, the holes in the ozone layer have been considerably reduced. This has produced a decrease in the New Zealand population with skin cancer in recent years. An important event in the recent history of New Zealand.