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Who are we?

At Educonnecting Student Agency, we are a study abroad agency with more than 10 years of experience supporting international students to achieve their goals.

This company was born thanks to the dream of a Latin American entrepreneur, our co-founder Jorge Gómez. After completing his studies and working in Sydney, he decided to concentrate all his knowledge and experience in supporting international students to achieve their academic goals and life projects, and to dare to live in Australia.

Our educational agency Educonnecting has helped more than 35,000 students from different countries around the world to achieve their goal of living an unforgettable adventure in Australia. All our students find in us unconditional friends who support them in every moment of their adventure in our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Bogota.

We have redefined the way we support students seeking to grow personally and professionally in an innovative, sustainable, joyful, professional and experienced way, which has made our company a good reference in the market.

Our history

Launch of Educonnecting brand + Sydney Office
We opened our first office in Sydney to help many students fulfill their dreams of living, studying and working in Australia.

Opening of the Brisbane Office - 1st Semester-
We expanded!
More and more students fulfilled their dreams of studying in Australia with us.

Opening of the Melbourne Office - 2nd Semester -
We saw the opportunity to grow and enter a new market - hello, Melbourne!

Colombia Operation
We took a big step in one of our clear objectives: to position ourselves in the Colombian market for our Latino students. Our office in Colombia continues to grow and we have consolidated a strong team.

Gold Coast Opening -1st Semester-
We continued to grow and our students asked us to be closer to them in different locations and we opened our office in one of the most popular places in Australia: Gold Coast!

Weekly Workshops -2nd Semester-
Work is a fundamental part of the Australian experience, so we help all our students receive free training.
Contact Center Creation
Our service does not end with the sale.
We communicate constantly with our students throughout their adventure so that we can advise them every step of the way.

We do not stop
Adversity presents us with challenges and we love to overcome them! In the face of the pandemic, we stood strong and held support days for students who were left unemployed. We were also close to those who were unable to travel so that they would not abandon their dreams.

We are the Best Latin American Agency and the Best New Agency!
We combine our pride in receiving these two ST Star Awards (2020/21 edition) with teamwork. In December, with the reopening of Australia's borders, we gave a boost to our operations around the world to continue changing lives.

We grow and look to the future future
This year we have new resolutions and a lot of energy to fulfill them. All the members of the #EduconnectingTeam want to inspire more people and bring them a message: traveling and studying abroad is possible!

Our team

"We are a young agency, where it is paramount to understand each of our students in all their dimensions, both professional and personal, to not only provide them with the best advice, but to make them always feel at home"

Jorge Gómez, CEO Educonnecting

Our purpose

By 2032, we will be the most influential EdTech in the industry, helping more than one million students from emerging countries fulfill their dreams of studying and living abroad through our value promise of easy access to education and ongoing accompaniment during their experience abroad.

Brand promise

Make the international experience possible for everyone.

1.- Easy access to education

2.- Permanent accompaniment during the experience abroad.

Our values


We are a team with a young spirit, dynamic, fun and passionate about challenges. Our driving force is to bring joy and create a WOW experience to all our collaborators and students.


We believe in honesty, cordiality, sincerity and clarity. We like a transparent communication based on trust and mutual respect.


We are creative, visionary, innovative and open-minded to change. We support new ideas because we believe that with passion and dedication anything is possible.

WOW Experience

The WOW experience is to do things differently, to believe that dreams can come true, to find your second home and feel that you are with the best. Our commitment is to provide security, support and certainty to all our employees, students and suppliers.


Equality and diversity are fundamental parts of our company. We believe that each person in our team is vital to Educonnecting's growth. We value and encourage cooperation, solidarity and teamwork.


We think big and we like to help fulfill dreams. We are passionate about what we do and we seek to transmit that passion to our employees, suppliers and students. We believe that quality education is the path to building a better future for everyone.

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